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Attack of the Spider, Part 2

Today I was minding my own business, going into the kitchen to get Harmon a snack, when out of my PANT LEG climbs… A HUGE BLACK SPIDER. People, for real, that deserves all caps. A huge scary black furry sick … Continue reading

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I Am Really Good In Emergencies

{Alternately titled: how killing a spider is more important than having a working cell phone} Dear Really Scary {tiny} Orange Spider That Climbed On The Steering Wheel While I Was Driving In The Carpool Lane With No Shoulder, What were … Continue reading

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Just Me Complaining About Doctors

Although I am all for preventative medicine, sometimes you need to go to the doctor when you have a problem/are sick. These times generally show up unannounced, and although they are not emergencies, often require pretty immediate care. Yesterday evening … Continue reading

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Don’t Break The Rules, MOMMY

I broke my only rule I have for myself: don’t leave the babies alone together. ever. especially if they are both roaming free on the floor. ever. I went out to switch around some laundry, and I heard Sammy (who … Continue reading

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Last night: Aaron: Why is there a diaper in the fridge?Kelsey: What?Aaron: A used diaper, in the fridge.Kelsey: …….Kelsey: Harmon or Sammy’s? (you can tell by the sharpie letter written on the back)Aaron: Harmon’s.Kelsey: (thinking) Oh! Maybe I did it … Continue reading

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Marking What’s Not Really Yours

Three weeks ago I left Harmon with my dad for an hour or two. When I picked him up he seemed to be in one piece, and smelled a little bit like my dad. I figured this was normal, as … Continue reading

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Kostco Karma

Seriously, I behave at Costco. I never leave my cart in the middle of the aisle, I never push people out of the way for samples, I always put my cart away, and I even pick up the crackers my … Continue reading

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We did some vacationing

One weekend we went to Whidbey: The next to Vancouver: Fun times had by all.

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Sweatpant Overalls, STOLEN!

I am angry. What’s worse, I am angry at perhaps my favorite show. Several years ago I came up with a genius idea, combining the two most wonderful things into one product: sweatpant overalls. You know, because sweats are so … Continue reading

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Joel McHale Calling…

Every Thursday night I am reminded of a funny phone call. Years ago I was working as a nanny for a family on Mercer Island. One day the phone rang, and the caller (who was calling for the dad of … Continue reading

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