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40 weeks & 1 day. Grateful.

It’s really easy to hit your due date and want to destroy everything/everyone around you.  Especially when everyone else you know that was due the same time as you or even 2 or more weeks before you has had their … Continue reading

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How Pregnant Ladies Bake (a recipe)

Because I have been cooking a lot of foods lately, I have been searching through my files to find certain recipes that I love or want to try.  While searching my inbox I came across a recipe from my friend … Continue reading

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Having a Baby in Ecuador

Is not something I’m doing.  So, that was kind of a rude trick title, huh? Probably half of you (two people) already know that we are planning on coming back to the US, but the other half of you (the … Continue reading

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Cuatro & 1/2 Puerqueños

3 years ago today I was delighted to announce the fact that I was pregnant.  Of course no one believed it because I also had a barely 5 month old at the time.  Turns out it was true.  If I … Continue reading

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Liar Liar Pants on Fire

So, like a week ago I said I was going to post a picture of my ugly hair and fat belly. But I lied. And I am so sure you were just sitting around waiting for it, so I am … Continue reading

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Things Not to Say to People at Church (or anywhere)

Everyone at church keeps saying things like “I didn’t know you were pregnant until a couple of weeks ago!” Thanks. No really. You just thought I was a fatty. That’s something you keep to yourself everyone.

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Me: 26 or 25 or some number of weeks fat, you choose.

Actually you don’t get to choose, I was lying. I went in for another ultrasound (performed by the exact same technician) and was told that I am measuring exactly for 12/11/09, the exact same date as 4 weeks before, or … Continue reading

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Baby Due

Normally I would have waited a bit longer to put this lovely new countdown you see here, but because baby ALF is already so popular it has been requested that it go up immediately. Wish granted. Baby ALF’s gender will … Continue reading

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