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January 13th Letter

(Like a Christmas Letter I was going to write and put with our card, but didn’t.)  (Also sorry if you didn’t get a Christmas Card.  I have 3 kids and am pregnant.  I have all the excuses you could possibly … Continue reading

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Heard Around Here

Sammy: (Holding an apple slice eaten down to the peel) Look Harmon it’s a crane! Harmon: Oh, it’s broken!  Did it get knocked down by the big sugarcane? (Kelsey making 7-layer dip and putting the olives on top) Harmon: We … Continue reading

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Ants in her pants dress

A week or two ago Aaron and the kids were playing in the backyard.  This is not new or different, as the kids play in the yard every single day.  At some point Aaron brought Sammy in to use the … Continue reading

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Daddy Dressed Me

This is a blog series I always mean to start, but I mostly forget to take photos.  Here is the first installment for your pleasure. (Aaron’s defense: “You bought all these clothes!”)

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My Name’s Not Harmon

Sometimes I wonder why I bothered naming my children at all.  Almost a month ago Sammy declared that her name was “Gracie” after a cat in a Berenstain Bears book.  Prior to this she often spoke in third person, saying … Continue reading

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Holey Moley!

A couple weeks ago I was working downstairs while Kelsey was cooking a delicious dinner. Suddenly I heard a rumbling thump. I knew immediately what it was but I was paralyzed with a knot in my stomach. Sammy was falling … Continue reading

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The Green Fort

I feel like I saw this fort a long time ago, but then forgot. Then last week I saw it again, and knew we had to make it. I purposely didn’t post hers on here because hers is 200 times … Continue reading

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Wedding Ring

Sammy and Harmon have a good friend named Leah. When Leah’s mom decided to have another baby and it turned out to be a boy, the double wedding was set. This was a while back, but it’s important. As good … Continue reading

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Where Have All The Pictures Gone?

Some of you have been wondering why I haven’t posted many (ok, any) photos. It’s one part lazy but the other part is I don’t take my camera. I have a big camera which I don’t like to tote around … Continue reading

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We Have a Sleep Problem (Again)

You might remember how our sleeping situations was really awful.  In the last few months in the US sleeping was not so bad.  The kids were sleeping on twin mattresses on the floor of their room, not pushed together like … Continue reading

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