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Last week Aaron was notified by the company that hosts our servers (that host this blog) that this site was hacked and they shut down our server.  If you have been trying to virtually visit us in the past few … Continue reading

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Dear Sammy, Why do you wake up when dad turns on the shower three rooms away but manage to sleep through throwing up on yourself? That’s weird. Puzzled, Mom Dear, We need to break up. It’s not you it’s Aaron. … Continue reading

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“Helpful” Old Ladies

These ladies are in every country. Mostly here they tell me to dress my children more warmly, which I have decided is largely cultural as the temperature never drops below 55 in the daytime, so 60 is cold, and I … Continue reading

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An Ode to Awesome

Dear Awesome People, I was going to write each of you a note to tell you how great I think you are, but that was going to take a long time.  But really, Awesome People, I adore you.  I am … Continue reading

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I Am Really Good In Emergencies

{Alternately titled: how killing a spider is more important than having a working cell phone} Dear Really Scary {tiny} Orange Spider That Climbed On The Steering Wheel While I Was Driving In The Carpool Lane With No Shoulder, What were … Continue reading

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Just Me Complaining About Doctors

Although I am all for preventative medicine, sometimes you need to go to the doctor when you have a problem/are sick. These times generally show up unannounced, and although they are not emergencies, often require pretty immediate care. Yesterday evening … Continue reading

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Swimsuit Sales

Now, let me preface by saying that although I have no experience in retail sales, I have a lot of experience in buying stuff, so I’m pretty much an expert.——————————————————————- Dear Lady “Selling” Swimsuits at Costco, I am pretty sure … Continue reading

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Dear Comcast

Dear Comcast, You called me. You lowered my bill and gave me more channels. You told me how to fix the bad signal (and even offered to have someone come to my house for free to check it out). You … Continue reading

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