Just Me Complaining About Doctors

Although I am all for preventative medicine, sometimes you need to go to the doctor when you have a problem/are sick. These times generally show up unannounced, and although they are not emergencies, often require pretty immediate care. Yesterday evening a need for a trip to the doctor presented itself for me, and I worried about what I would do this morning, how I would manage to find someone to take me on such short notice. (To make my life trickier, I just switched insurance from Group Health, where I could have seen pretty much anyone at their compound. Lots of pros and cons to that system, but that’s not what I’m getting into here.)

Here is a little recap of how my attempts went for your enjoyment/disgust:
Call #1: Receptionist tells me they can’t see me because they haven’t seen me before. [Maybe this means they are not taking new patients, but I am not really sure.] She suggests I go to the emergency room or urgent care clinic [because I really want to pay a lot more money] She takes my phone number anyway and says she will talk to someone.

Call #2: This place can see a new patient in a month. Remember the part about moderately urgent ailment [which I openly told her that I am purposefully withholding on the blog]? Like need to see someone today that I just told you about? How about in a month? No. I ask her for suggestions and she tells me I can call “[ghetto] clinic X by Ikea. They are taking new patients.” I write down the number because perhaps I am desperate.

Call #3: Clinic not open yet (It’s after 9am by now!)

Call #4: Ghetto clinic. On hold, meanwhile Nurse from Call #1 calls back. I hang up on ghetto clinic’s hold music. She asks more questions, then asks if I can come in immediately. I want to hug her.

Should it really be that hard to get a doctor’s appointment for the same day?

Which brings me to my next point:

Dear Ecuador,

There are a lot of things about you that are a lot harder than they should be. Going to the doctor is not one of those things. I love that I can call almost any doctor and go see them that day. Oh sure, if I need an x-ray or something I may have to go a couple blocks over and wait for a bit but it is still really easy. Also that when I visit any of your doctors, I pay $20. To the doctor. Or sometimes the receptionist if it’s fancy. And that’s it. No insurance, not much paperwork, just call or go in to the clinic, pay the money, get treatment. I am really missing you today.


P.S. I am really missing your abundant and cheap produce. A lot.

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3 Responses to Just Me Complaining About Doctors

  1. Elizabeth says:

    YES. It is so ridiculous when you call and they tell you they can't see you for another month. How is that acceptable health care?

    I hope you're feeling better.

    I wish I had cheap and abundant produce all year round. That sounds nice.

  2. Jacki says:

    Maybe you should schedule your ailments better.

  3. AJ says:

    sorry. i love developing nations health care. and that is a fact!

    hope it all gets taken care of.

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