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My 2-year-old self payback

Although I think it’s totally fair that your kids behave in exactly the same way you did as a teenager for payback on how you treated your parents, it’s totally not fair that they act the same way that you … Continue reading

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Muffin Top Chop

Kelsey: I think I lost a pound.Aaron: I was going to tell you earlier, I noticed you have a muffin top.Kelsey: ?Aaron: You know, because you are getting skinnier, now it’s turned into a muffin top.Kelsey: Oh. Pretty much that … Continue reading

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Maybe I’ll Just Shave My Head.

A few weeks ago I was visiting my good friend Esther. It was earlyish in the morning and I apologized for having such awful hair because I hadn’t done it at all that morning. She assured me it “looked totally … Continue reading

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Sorry, dudes

Today in downtown Seattle within 5 minutes these three events took place: 1. “Oooh, I really like her jeans. Poor girl is blessed with some seriously broad shoulders though… oh…” 2. “That crazy lady has got the brightest rainbow jacket … Continue reading

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