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I made food. For a month.

So I decided to plan our dinners.  For a month.  I did it two or so weeks at a time, but switched stuff around during the week if needed.  And I think I will probably continue.  Because we ate really … Continue reading

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Ants in her pants dress

A week or two ago Aaron and the kids were playing in the backyard.  This is not new or different, as the kids play in the yard every single day.  At some point Aaron brought Sammy in to use the … Continue reading

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How to get & cure insomnia

If you hate sleeping I highly recommend reading a book about psychopaths for an hour before bed.  And then you can lie awake wondering if 1% of the general population are really psychopaths (and way more in prison) and trying … Continue reading

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I have a lot of important life questions. Why does the box of colored goldfish crackers claim they taste the same when they don’t? Why do my kids hate sleeping? Why is cherry coke so good? Why can my two-year-old … Continue reading

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