Hi, I’m Aaron.  I met Kelsey in 2003 when she came to my house with her friend Deanna, but she doesn’t remember it.  I tried to set my friend up with her so I could go on her dad’s boat.

She went to Ecuador the next year, but when she came back, she fell in love with me when I bought her some corn (she’d previously decided she was through with me because I was too dense — and rude.)  But I was going to Fiji.

She didn’t take no for an answer, so after 3 months I came back from Fiji, having sailed to Australia and decided I needed a boat.  Two years later I finally convinced her to marry me.  And then she convinced me to move back to Ecuador with her.

4 kids later, I think I’ve finally convinced her to sail away with me.  Now we just need the right boat.

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