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One of Kelsey’s friends is getting married and sent us a link to their website. Not to be outdone, we decided to engrave our names on the interwebs, and it only cost $5 (for the first year.) For those of … Continue reading

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Moving South

So here is just a little follow-up for those who were confused. Who: Evans Family (aka Los Puerqueños, Aaron, Kelsey, Harmon, Sammy) What: Moving to Ecuador When: January 4th, 2012 Where: Cuenca, Ecuador Why: Because we want to.  And feel … Continue reading

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After the nap

It’s another lazy Saturday at the Evans house.  Kelsey almost got a nap with the kids after our morning walk.  We decided to not go surfing at the coast with a friend because she was tired and I still have … Continue reading

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Vertigo For Dummies*

Until Monday at 3am I knew very little about vertigo.  I knew of the movie, and I knew it more or less meant being really really dizzy.  Apparently it’s something you can get sick with.  So sick that you can’t … Continue reading

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The Price of Garage-sailing

Price of “Weenie” the Dachshund Beanie Baby at a garage sale: $ .25 Love of “Weenie” by baby daughter: Extreme Price to replace “Weenie” on the internet when baby daughter loses beloved “Weenie”: $6 I suppose it could have been worse, it could … Continue reading

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This is a Family Blog

Well, sometimes.  For the two of you who like looking at millions of photos of my kids: March   April   May   June

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Pool Closed

*There is one topic I have considered pretty much off limits in blogging.  Today I break that rule. Fitting for July 1st, the sun came out in Seattle today.  And since it broke 65 obviously we had to play in … Continue reading

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