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Long Bean Turns 4 months!

Happy Birthday Giant Long Bean! Here are your giant stats: Weight: 17lbs even! (75-90%)Length: 27 1/4 inches (above 97%)Head: 44 1/4 cm (90-95%) To celebrate Harmon is getting his own blog. It will mostly be ramblings about how amazing and … Continue reading

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Goodbye Celebrities

I got tired of your celebrity couple names. Not that they weren’t good. I just kept forgetting who half of them were, or having a hard time finding the blogs that I wanted to read. So you went back to … Continue reading

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Diplomas are overrated

Last night laying in bed listening to the peaceful sounds of the upstairs neighbor yelling and his ultra -loud techno russian music mixed with my dear husband snoring, I had a while to ponder. My thoughts wandered as they always … Continue reading

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"First Child"

Does it bother anyone else when they get accused of treating their child a certain way because they are “the first child”? For example if you don’t want dogs licking all over your newborn child, you are clearly exhibiting “first … Continue reading

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I totally get it.

I figured out the Seattle driving plan:Sun: 10mph Snow: 80mph Rain: 10mph Fog: 80mph. What gives?

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Please Help!!!

My favorite favorite organization needs your help. And I’m not afraid to ask and/or beg for it. As you may or may not know, in 2004 I spent 9 months in Ecuador working with an orphanage support program. It was … Continue reading

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Maybe I Should Clarify…

So, it has come to my attention that the last post was quite unclear. Here is what happened: Tuesday morning an exec at Aaron’s company called them in for a mandatory meeting. He took two minutes to tell them what … Continue reading

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1st Day of Aaron’s New Job

The view is better, the coworkers are cuter, and the commute is shorter, even if it doesn’t pay quite as much (read: zero). (But can you beat that dress code?)

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