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Heard Around Here

Sammy: (Holding an apple slice eaten down to the peel) Look Harmon it’s a crane! Harmon: Oh, it’s broken!  Did it get knocked down by the big sugarcane? (Kelsey making 7-layer dip and putting the olives on top) Harmon: We … Continue reading

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How Pregnant Ladies Bake (a recipe)

Because I have been cooking a lot of foods lately, I have been searching through my files to find certain recipes that I love or want to try.  While searching my inbox I came across a recipe from my friend … Continue reading

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Spouse Conversations

Aaron: Is that a new dimple on your face? Kelsey: I don’t know.  Maybe it’s a scar?  Or my face is so fat it is making new dimples? Aaron: Your face is retaining a lot of water. Kelsey: That is … Continue reading

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