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Things Not to Say to People at Church (or anywhere)

Everyone at church keeps saying things like “I didn’t know you were pregnant until a couple of weeks ago!” Thanks. No really. You just thought I was a fatty. That’s something you keep to yourself everyone.

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Happy Birthday, Baby Big Boy!

Well everyone, we did it. We managed to keep our child alive for an entire year. One year ago (on the 24th, I’m a slow blogger these days) we got this: 10lbs 12 oz, 23″ of long beanness, and a … Continue reading

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Dear Switzerland & Seattle

Dear Switzerland, I sent my husband to you so you could interview him for a job there. I didn’t want him to go, but I trusted you, as you acted like you were just doing some final checking, and wanted … Continue reading

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My Husband Went to Switzerland…

And all I got was this ULTIMATELY delicious Swiss Chocolate!!! (I know, you are jealous. But your husband didn’t leave you for 5 days. I think it’s a fair reward.) Why did he go you want to know? I can’t … Continue reading

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A Recipe For Success

Because I am such a wise parent, I wanted to let you in on a secret I employed today to keep my child happy while grocery shopping. 1. Give 11.5 month old child bag of chocolate chips to shake to … Continue reading

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Crows = Evil

I have always hated crows. They are so ugly, especially one of the ones that currently combs our front yard for snacks. They like to annoy eagles, don’t they know the eagles could snap their necks in a second? And … Continue reading

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Pretty Good Guessing

But NONE of you are right! My poor child was trying to scale the fridge while Aaron and I stood nice and close to make sure he didn’t die. He did indeed fall from his super high standing height (ok, … Continue reading

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Guess How I Hurt Myself!

Harmon wants you to guess how he hurt himself. (He also wants you to know these are taken the day after the incident so they are less intense) If you guess right you will get a prize. Likely candy. You … Continue reading

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Hello October, I’ve Been Waiting.

Only 335 days, but who is counting? Ok, maybe I was. It’s no secret that I LOVE Halloween. Some people love Christmas, some their birthday, but me, I love Halloween. That’s just the way it’s always been, and the way … Continue reading

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