Dear Switzerland & Seattle

Dear Switzerland,

I sent my husband to you so you could interview him for a job there. I didn’t want him to go, but I trusted you, as you acted like you were just doing some final checking, and wanted him to make sure he liked you. You wanted him to make sure he and his wonderful family would like living there. They surely would.

But today you decided that you didn’t want him to move there. I suppose it’s for the best, but I can’t help crying thinking about the chocolate I won’t be eating. There’s only so much in my fridge right now. You took my husband away for no reason. We are fighting.

With a grudge,


Dear Seattle,

It rains here. You already knew that. I see drains on the freeways for all that water. But can you please tell me why they are put on the highest part of the road? Surely you could have planned better than that.

Drowning & Hydroplaning,

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3 Responses to Dear Switzerland & Seattle

  1. Erin says:

    I'm sorry no moving to Switzerland, but happy you'll be here at least a little longer. Until a new adventure comes.
    And agreed on the drains.

  2. Sarah says:

    I confess. I wrote to Switzerland and told them I couldn't stand for my cousin to move so far away.

  3. Jacki says:

    But now who am I going to stay with during the trip I booked there!!???

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