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Forget Pre-Natal Yoga

Because Water Aerobics (or “Aqua Aerobics” or even “Hydro Fit” if your gym is really “hip”) is the way to go. Today I squeezed into my swimsuit, and since Bally’s had offered me to come to their fine gym for … Continue reading

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Look What I Made.

Sometimes I have zero energy and sleep half the day. Other times I manage to be productive all day. And when I say productive I either mean I sort papers & do laundry, or I use the sewing machine to … Continue reading

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You Will Want One

Just to warn you, if you go here, you will want one. Even if you are a boy, you will want one. My friend AJ just opened her etsy shop, and it’s amazing fabulous. So check it out…

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Happy Baby

Today at my midwife appointment she listened to my little fetus’s heartbeat and declared that it sounded good and was “a happy baby”. I’m not really sure that heartbeat and happiness are directly correlated, but I was glad she thought … Continue reading

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I could be crazy…

But I think my baby just started poking me. I’ll let you know if I was totally wrong. I guess they say normally not until 16 or so weeks, and me only being almost 14, but I’m pretty sure I’m … Continue reading

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9 to 5

Aaron has been having a real good time (read: hating life) interviewing with several companies. I think the only thing he hates worse than interviewing is getting tickled, which he hates A LOT. One company liked him on the phone … Continue reading

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lo siento or, I swear I’m not racist

I was thinking yesterday about something real stupid I did a week or so ago and thought maybe you wanted to laugh at me about it. Aaron and I were out to dinner with some single friends who are looking … Continue reading

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Ham I am (and Kelsey is KE7SXY)

Kelsey and I decided that we wanted to get our Amateur Radio (“Ham”) licenses for when we go sailing so we can call home (or anywhere else) when we’re thousands of miles from land. We’d attended part 1 of a … Continue reading

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On the Catwalk

So, I have learned to crochet twice in my life. The first time was the first time when I lived in Ecuador and I managed to make a crochet thong bikini. The next time was in Bellevue from a girl … Continue reading

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