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Dental Hygiene

Last night at 10pm: Aaron: I brushed my teeth. Kelsey: Congratulations. Aaron: When was the last time you brushed your teeth? Kelsey: Rude! Aaron: So last week? Kelsey: No! Today. Midday. Aaron: Not one of those 10 second brushes like … Continue reading

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Sweet Reunions

On Saturday we went to a birthday party for a 9-year-old girl we know from church. I have known her and her mom since I was here the first time in 2004. While sitting on a bench watching the going-ons, … Continue reading

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Where Have All The Pictures Gone?

Some of you have been wondering why I haven’t posted many (ok, any) photos. It’s one part lazy but the other part is I don’t take my camera. I have a big camera which I don’t like to tote around … Continue reading

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Dear Cuenca

Dear Cuenca, You may already know this, but I love you.  I love your huge cathedral with big blue domes.  I love your central park with scary stuffed horses for kids to get their pictures taken on.  I love your … Continue reading

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We Have a Sleep Problem (Again)

You might remember how our sleeping situations was really awful.  In the last few months in the US sleeping was not so bad.  The kids were sleeping on twin mattresses on the floor of their room, not pushed together like … Continue reading

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Me Gusta/No Me Gusta

Me gusta: -Avocados.  They are so cheap which  means I can eat one every day if I want.  Which I do. -Fancy fruits.  Also so cheap and super delicious. -Sunshine every day.  It rains some almost every day, but not … Continue reading

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The Ease of Difficulty.

I have been thinking a lot lately about why life seems easier in Ecuador than back in the US.  Because even though something like going to the doctor takes 7 stops to different windows just to get your appointment (ok, … Continue reading

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No More Injuries, Please!

I failed to mention that almost two weeks ago while visiting the Roseros, Harmon was running on the back patio area, tripped and fell, and hit his head quite hard on a concrete wall corner.  It had a very large … Continue reading

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Aaron Still Hates the Doctor.

8am: Go to doctor at the clinic across the street. We are seen immediately. She is nice and offers to give him an anti-inflammatory injection, but also says we need to get x-rays, which they don’t do there. We will … Continue reading

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The Man With the Broken Feet

I have perhaps mentioned to a few of you how Aaron is broken.  Probably not actually broken in the bones, but broken enough that he often cannot walk.  So maybe broken in the feet bones.  Almost two weeks ago when … Continue reading

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