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Tourist Trap

So, I know that this is obviously a tourist trap, but I dare you to tell me you wouldn’t want a postcard from Vanuatu mailed from an UNDERWATER Post Office.  I know I would.

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If Only I Was An Old Lady…

Yesterday while driving home from my mom’s I passed a car of awesomeness.  It was an older Oldsmobile, filled with 4 very old ladies dressed up in purple and wearing red hats.  I instantly wanted to follow them, because obviously … Continue reading

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Crazy, in a new way

Last week I agreed to do something ultimately crazy.  I have done a lot of crazy things in my life, like bungee jumping, having excessively large children, and drinking Army Surplus water from my grandma’s food storage room marked 1952, … Continue reading

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Housecleaning tips

You know a lot about your housekeeping skills when your 2-year-old rips the cushions (or cushies in our house) off the couch and declares: “It’s a messy day, we need to vacuum!” and will not let up until you give … Continue reading

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Two Thumbs Up

Because I seriously know that you were wondering what I like, but were too shy to ask. Readin’ 1. 365 Thank Yous by John Kralik.  Recommended by Holly and loved by me.  A guy who is in a sad sorry way … Continue reading

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Worst Ideas

1. Letting both your 1-year-old and 2-year-old into the shower with you.  Unless you weren’t intending to shower, then it’s a fine idea. 2. Not using a shopping cart with previously mentioned children and thinking you can carry the 1-year-old and that … Continue reading

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Pretending to be fancy

For Christmas Aaron and I were given a super cool huge gift by my parents, a trip to a fancy hotel, with the promise to watch our small humans for the night.  Three months later we finally took them up … Continue reading

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A very long goodnight

Lately our sleeping situations have taken a dramatic turn for the worst.  Sammy has rejected her crib after spending a week in Montana in a big bed a month ago.  We thought it would perhaps be a good idea to … Continue reading

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