2014-44055-39I love my older siblings.  So much so that I began walking at 9 months just to follow them around.  At barely 1 I thought I was allowed to sit on grown-up chairs, stand on the table, and jump off the back of the couch.  I appropriately inherited my sister’s nickname “Babyzilla”.  My older siblings both love me and really are not fans of how much I love to destroy things.  I am so so so charming and have been blessed with no major injuries despite my crazy ways.  I am three and love ninja turtles.  Especially Michelangelo.  My baby brother is maybe named after him.  I adore my baby brother and desire to poke and love on him excessively.

I am also super cool and special because I have a Port Wine Stain Birthmark on part of my face!

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