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Aaron made rice crispy treats.  Sammy was singing “rice crispy treats, rice crispy treats!”  Then she came over to Allison and said in a very deep and quiet voice: “you’re going to drink some!!!”  Both kids think it’s super awesome … Continue reading

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Heard Around Here

Sammy: (Holding an apple slice eaten down to the peel) Look Harmon it’s a crane! Harmon: Oh, it’s broken!  Did it get knocked down by the big sugarcane? (Kelsey making 7-layer dip and putting the olives on top) Harmon: We … Continue reading

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Say Whats

Last week I found myself having this conversation with Harmon: Harmon: Harmon needs celery! Me: No celery until you finish your Cap’n Crunch! Harmon: Yeah. Aaron: Daddy thinks you want bologna. Me: I think so too. Harmon: Yeah. And then … Continue reading

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Say What?

Things I may or may not have said recently: “Harmon, no dancing in the bathtub!!!” “Don’t file your sister!!!” “Let’s make some popcorn.” [at 8:30am] ———————– If you are sad because I don’t blog anymore (I know you are) it’s … Continue reading

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