Aaron made rice crispy treats.  Sammy was singing “rice crispy treats, rice crispy treats!”  Then she came over to Allison and said in a very deep and quiet voice: “you’re going to drink some!!!”  Both kids think it’s super awesome that I can turn anything I eat into milk for Allison.  Including rice crispy treats apparently.

Last week I went to a baby shower.  I got real fancy and put on a sweater with my maternity jeans I am still rocking (and will be rocking for the next decade, but whatever.)  When I got home Harmon woke up from a nap and found me in the kitchen and declared that I needed to change out of my sweater.  I told him I was fine and wasn’t going to change.  He kept on insisting, bringing me different shirts from my closet and telling me I needed to change.  This was very odd behavior and finally I asked Harmon if he didn’t like that I looked too fancy (I mean all I have been wearing is sweats for the past forever months.)  He sulkily said no, but then declared “you just look too beautiful!!!  I don’t want you to look so beautiful!”  I inquired whether or not putting on another shirt would make me look ugly, and he assured me that it would make me look “just a little bit beautiful”.  Much to his disappointment I decided to remain too beautiful for the rest of the day.

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  1. natalie smith says:

    The sweater story is adorable! :)

  2. Sarah L. says:


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