Last week Aaron was notified by the company that hosts our servers (that host this blog) that this site was hacked and they shut down our server.  If you have been trying to virtually visit us in the past few days we apologize as we have been erased.  Aaron is working hard to get everything back up, and we appreciate all 2 of you being patient with our issues.  Also shout out to Aaron for working on the blog first and all his second, he is a puerqueño loving champ!

Dear Server Company,

I think it’s really rude you shut down our entire server because of a supposed bad spam comment on this blog.  What’s more that you are making it almost impossible for Aaron to retrieve our lots of information and hosting on the server.  I’m pretty sure we were paying you to keep track of our stuff, but what do I know?  Also thanks for the heart attack that my blog was probably gone forever.  You should really come up with a better plan if you don’t have good enough security on your own servers.

(Sticking my tongue out),

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