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Different Interests

Some people like flying in small planes. Some people do not. I think Aaron and Harmon enjoyed Aaron’s birthday present. I enjoyed not dying.

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The Worst Punishment

You might remember that I played that ridiculous diet/exercise “game”.  Afterwards I decided I needed something to make me keep exercising, and since she had forced me to play the first game, I convinced Kristy to play a new “game” with me.  The only … Continue reading

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Why I Should Not Be Allowed To Have Cash.

I feel like all the time I hear news featurettes or read articles about how it’s a good idea to use cash instead of credit cards.  This will help you save money and/or get out of debt the experts say.  When … Continue reading

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Glowing Endorsements

I was just going through some blog comments that were obviously incorrectly marked as spam and wanted to let you know what a great blog I have: “ is cool !!” -spotingbet “I saw many websites but is best ever” -szybkieodchudzanie “купить … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Neighborhood

We moved a couple of weeks ago, and while that experience reminded me why people buy houses and live in them the rest of their lives so they don’t have to deal with the massive amount of junk they have … Continue reading

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