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January 13th Letter

(Like a Christmas Letter I was going to write and put with our card, but didn’t.)  (Also sorry if you didn’t get a Christmas Card.  I have 3 kids and am pregnant.  I have all the excuses you could possibly … Continue reading

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He gets me.

I turned on the computer just now to find the following message from Aaron waiting for me on skype chat: [12:24:41 PM] Aaron: Rush Limbaugh: Success is getting paid to do what you love doing. Whatever you want to do … Continue reading

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24 in 365 – Go Big or Take a Nap

I am not a fan of resolutions (which I never keep) but I am a big fan of lists.  So instead of resolutions this year I created this lovely list of things I am going to do.  When I told … Continue reading

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Last week Aaron was notified by the company that hosts our servers (that host this blog) that this site was hacked and they shut down our server.  If you have been trying to virtually visit us in the past few … Continue reading

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Spouse Conversations

Aaron: Is that a new dimple on your face? Kelsey: I don’t know.  Maybe it’s a scar?  Or my face is so fat it is making new dimples? Aaron: Your face is retaining a lot of water. Kelsey: That is … Continue reading

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All About Aaron

I was just thinking that you wanted to know some more about Aaron that is not found in his bio.  So here you go. 1. When Aaron found out that I had never read Lord of the Rings he decided … Continue reading

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Daddy Dressed Me

This is a blog series I always mean to start, but I mostly forget to take photos.  Here is the first installment for your pleasure. (Aaron’s defense: “You bought all these clothes!”)

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Viva Aaron!

Today Aaron was offered a telecommute job. Woohoo! He will do a trial week and then they will either keep him or set him free. Hopefully the first. We are excited as it possibly means we can stay here for … Continue reading

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Dental Hygiene

Last night at 10pm: Aaron: I brushed my teeth. Kelsey: Congratulations. Aaron: When was the last time you brushed your teeth? Kelsey: Rude! Aaron: So last week? Kelsey: No! Today. Midday. Aaron: Not one of those 10 second brushes like … Continue reading

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Aaron Still Hates the Doctor.

8am: Go to doctor at the clinic across the street. We are seen immediately. She is nice and offers to give him an anti-inflammatory injection, but also says we need to get x-rays, which they don’t do there. We will … Continue reading

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