24 in 365 – Go Big or Take a Nap

I am not a fan of resolutions (which I never keep) but I am a big fan of lists.  So instead of resolutions this year I created this lovely list of things I am going to do.  When I told Aaron he told me I was ridiculous and should only do 14.  So he will be doing 14 for 2014 instead.  And then by 2025 he will be sorry he has to do more than me.  Without further ado…

Kelsey’s 24 in 365*
1. Eliminate all unworn/ill-fitting clothes
2. Read 25 books
3. Finish surprise quilt (I can’t say who for, in the off chance they read this)
4. All photobooks finished up to 2013 and Allison’s 1st year book.
5. No restaurant eating for one month.
6. Learn a new skill
7. Assemble a car first aid kit.  And put it in the car.
8. Baby books up to date
9. Shoot and develop one roll of film
10. Finish 5 already started sewing projects
11. Read 2 books in Spanish
12. Work on Ecuador book
13. Visit 3 temples I have never been to before
14. Can something tasty
15. Learn a new song on the piano
16. Send 12 pieces of real mail
17. Sort/get rid of extra toys
18. Send birthday cards to nieces & nephews.  And maybe siblings and more.
19. Have a super fun party.
20. Blog 14 times
21. Build a front entry bench
22. Get dressers
23. Watch an old movie that I should have seen already
24. Save up for a new heavy duty sewing machine

*All activities may be substituted for taking a nap of 1 hour or longer duration.

Aaron’s 14 in 2014
1. Make a quilt (I said I didn’t want to learn computer programming, and how would he like to make a quilt?  Apparently a lot.)
2. Pay off our car
3. Make an abridgment of The Hobbit to be read as bedtime stories
4. Get in shape
5. Make jerky or smoked meat
6. Go to the temple
7. Go surfing
8. Find a delicious new restaurant
9. Do something super fun with each of the kids
10. Climb a mountain
11. Plant a garden
12. Make a new friend
13. Camping.  Real camping!
14. Send Kelsey to the spa.

The end.

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