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My Dad & Co. Came to Visit

The first weekend in April my Dad, Jama, Jordan, and Eden came to visit.  Although they would spend a week in Ecuador, they were only supposed to be with us 1.5 days.  Then a canceled flight dropped that down to … Continue reading

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We did the touristy bus

And it was actually pretty good.  There is a company that runs red double-decker buses around town and they drive by our house 4 or so times a day.  And if you have a 3-year-old who is obsessed with all … Continue reading

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Daddy Dressed Me

This is a blog series I always mean to start, but I mostly forget to take photos.  Here is the first installment for your pleasure. (Aaron’s defense: “You bought all these clothes!”)

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Cuatro & 1/2 Puerqueños

3 years ago today I was delighted to announce the fact that I was pregnant.  Of course no one believed it because I also had a barely 5 month old at the time.  Turns out it was true.  If I … Continue reading

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