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Not Quite Right

Last night Aaron declared I had to taste some grapes that grew in the yard.  I had already tasted many over the past few weeks, but now the red ones were ready.  I bit into a sour one and hurt … Continue reading

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Snakes on a Truck (the untold story of our move to Utah)

shall remain mostly untold. It was a grueling 3 day passage. We left Bellevue one evening after stops at Esther’s and chasing Kelsey’s dad at the Church. He gave the kids a ride in his race car around the parking … Continue reading

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Daddy (sort of) Dressed Me.

Aaron claims that this doesn’t count because she “chose it herself”.  But he was assisting her and was in charge, so it totally counts.

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Look, we took some photos.

So I took some birthday photos.  30 years old and 6 months pregnant.  Here are my most favorites. If you are really into photos of us, you can get some more (May-August) here.

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Turning 30: Results of being selfish

1. Feed myself lunch at Cafe Rio. 2. Pick up Baby Sister (now 13) from airport.  This is actually quite selfish as she is a huge help while visiting and we love to have her here. 3. Eat lots of … Continue reading

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Last Day of the Twenties

Today I found myself whining in my head about how I was spending my last day of being 29.  “I shouldn’t have to clean my toilets on my LAST day of my twenties!”  “I shouldn’t have to sweep up the … Continue reading

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Garbage Dump

Why is it that my kids only want to get along while up to no good?  Bedtime when they are supposed to be quiet?  They want to hug and laugh and jump on each other’s beds.  Dinner time when they … Continue reading

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All About Aaron

I was just thinking that you wanted to know some more about Aaron that is not found in his bio.  So here you go. 1. When Aaron found out that I had never read Lord of the Rings he decided … Continue reading

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