Garbage Dump

Why is it that my kids only want to get along while up to no good?  Bedtime when they are supposed to be quiet?  They want to hug and laugh and jump on each other’s beds.  Dinner time when they are supposed to be eating?  Seems like the perfect time to tell each other jokes and swap food around on their plates for six hours.  After bath?  Run naked chasing each other and jump on mom’s bed while she yells at you not to.  Playtime?  Best time to beat on each other and cry over someone walking near you or looking askew at your toys.

The exception to the playtime rule is called “garbage dump”.  My kids always get along while taking all of their stuff out of everywhere and putting it all into one big pile affectionately named the garbage dump.  Most of the time I tell them to stop, because let’s be honest, even if they help clean up, a 3 and a 2 year old do more destruction in 5 minutes than they can clean up in an hour so I end up having to do most of it.  But other times, I just let them.  Because come on, a lady needs time to sneak oreos for breakfast and take a shower.  Don’t judge.

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2 Responses to Garbage Dump

  1. Rachel Gordon says:

    Avery and Harper do the same thing. They happily remove all their toys from wherever they go, and put them in exciting new locations such as my sideboard in the dining room. Most of the time I let them do it because I want some peace too, but then afterwards I just want to lock up all the toys so they just stop moving them all over the place.

  2. Sarah L. says:

    Hahaha!!!! Sounds like a chaotic, but happy house. 😀

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