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My Dad & Co. Came to Visit

The first weekend in April my Dad, Jama, Jordan, and Eden came to visit.  Although they would spend a week in Ecuador, they were only supposed to be with us 1.5 days.  Then a canceled flight dropped that down to … Continue reading

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Or “How Gringos & Ecuadorians Celebrate Carnival in Ecuador” If you like water fights, you would like Carnival in Cuenca. If you don’t, then you better stay indoors. Starting on Saturday, water and foam spray fights began breaking out across … Continue reading

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How Ecuadorians Celebrate Valentine’s Day

First I should note that this is purely my speculation, which most of you know, but since I get a lot of hits on the blog from people searching for “Ecuadorian Superstitions” I thought I should throw that disclaimer out … Continue reading

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Lengthy December Review

(you were warned) Highlights of Sammy’s Birthday -Eating as many lollipops as the kids could get ahold of (Sammy managed 3, Harmon and Leah only 2) -Sammy refusing to eat her cake with her hands.  A true lady uses a … Continue reading

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A Double Shot of Merry

I’m not really sure why Aaron said I was cruel…

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The Best Holiday of the Year

(no offense other holidays, I like you too.) It is no secret that I love Halloween. I love it the most. Maybe it’s because I like candy, but mostly it’s because I like costumes and parties. And candy. The love … Continue reading

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Hello October, I’ve Been Waiting.

Only 335 days, but who is counting? Ok, maybe I was. It’s no secret that I LOVE Halloween. Some people love Christmas, some their birthday, but me, I love Halloween. That’s just the way it’s always been, and the way … Continue reading

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Why you should own a microwave grill thing

Because they make totally delicious turkeys in 50 minutes. Aaron was quite skeptical, but when that bird came out of the microwave, he was a believer. It was juicy inside and crisp skin. The pumpkin pie turned out good, although … Continue reading

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In a Land Without Pumpkins…

Definition: Puerqueño This would be el Puerqueño and La Reina de Los Puerqueños (Inspired by puerqueños and all the Queen competitions here) (That is a giant fork that the Puerqueño is holding) (It is also worth mentioning that after 3 … Continue reading

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