Lengthy December Review

(you were warned)

Highlights of Sammy’s Birthday

-Eating as many lollipops as the kids could get ahold of (Sammy managed 3, Harmon and Leah only 2)
-Sammy refusing to eat her cake with her hands.  A true lady uses a fork.
-Harmon “cleaning up” Sammy’s cake with his hands
-Sammy’s tutu she danced around in for a few minutes then demanded to take off

Highlights of Christmas

-Visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Montana
-Cats that don’t run away when you try to pet/attack them
-Playing with cousin Mirmo’s toys
-Harmon finally getting the tow truck he asked Santa for (see the excitement?)
-Going on hay rides
-Helping decorate Grandpa’s white tree
-Eating way too much tasty food
-Three Christmases

Ok, that wasn’t so long after all.

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One Response to Lengthy December Review

  1. natalie says:

    I love Sammy in her tutu! What a doll face.

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