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First steps

Sammy took her first steps today.  They were tentative 1-2 fall into your arms type of things, but we also got a couple of 3-4s in there too.  We’ll get more in before the night is over. Harmon wasn’t to … Continue reading

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Say Whats

Last week I found myself having this conversation with Harmon: Harmon: Harmon needs celery! Me: No celery until you finish your Cap’n Crunch! Harmon: Yeah. Aaron: Daddy thinks you want bologna. Me: I think so too. Harmon: Yeah. And then … Continue reading

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Sometimes I wish I was a celebrity

Most because then the paparazzi would have taken a sweet picture of me getting my brows threaded at the mall with Harmon strapped into an umbrella stroller eating ritz crackers (and complaining) while Sammy squirmed around (and complained) trying to … Continue reading

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One of the best things Harmon says is: Here comes Babyzilla!  It’s a fair name given to my smaller child who celebrated turning 10 months yesterday because she growls like a tiger and tries to attack anything Harmon is playing … Continue reading

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Mmmm, it’s good!

Yesterday I went to a baby shower for many hours leaving the kids to have fun with Aaron.  Part of their afternoon was spent at the church where Aaron had to fill the font for a baptism.  At one point … Continue reading

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Crash Cars

Last night we took Harmon to the demolition derby.  We left Sammy with G-Pop (Kelsey’s dad) and Grammy because it was at night and it was too late for her.  It was past Harmon’s bedtime too, but this was more … Continue reading

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New piano

Kelsey’s mom is moving.  She’s moving from a big house to a small house.  So she doesn’t have room for her piano.  So she gave it to us. (How nice!) She moved a load of stuff today, and had CSI … Continue reading

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