First steps

Sammy took her first steps today.  They were tentative 1-2 fall into your arms type of things, but we also got a couple of 3-4s in there too.  We’ll get more in before the night is over.

Harmon wasn’t to be left out and kept running into my arms to be thrown up and climbing on Mommy’s back.  The hardest part for Sammy was avoiding him.  She’s well on her way, and will be consistent before her scheduled November 1 first walk day.  That was the day Harmon walked, and he took off running 14-15 steps on the first day.

He hasn’t slowed down, but Sammy’s ahead of him, if a bit smaller.

It started out with Harmon running to my arms yelling “It’s Dayya” (He does that every time I come out of the office, it’s great) but he bonked his mouth or nose on my shoulder and needed some consoling from Mommy.  I took the girl and she “walked” around with me (holding my fingers), her favorite thing to do.

Okay, second favorite.  I commented that she had a distinct forward lean, no doubt from grammy’s shopping cart toy (ask Kelsey for more details about that, it was supposed to disappear, and I think it still might.)

Harmon consoled, and Kelsey’s arms free, I walked Sammy over to her, and let her go.  After a couple tries, she got the hang of it, doing the 1-2-fall-into-your-arms.  I said “that counts” but Kelsey disagreed.  So Sammy took a couple more, a couple times more to convince her.

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  1. kelsey says:

    I fear, I fear…

  2. Jenna says:


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