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My New Obsession

You know you have a problem when you start dreaming about essential oils and new combinations you are going to make that will smell delicious.  So I started another blog.  Aaron says it’s hard to be married to such a … Continue reading

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Last week Aaron was notified by the company that hosts our servers (that host this blog) that this site was hacked and they shut down our server.  If you have been trying to virtually visit us in the past few … Continue reading

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Aaron made rice crispy treats.  Sammy was singing “rice crispy treats, rice crispy treats!”  Then she came over to Allison and said in a very deep and quiet voice: “you’re going to drink some!!!”  Both kids think it’s super awesome … Continue reading

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Dear Sammy, Why do you wake up when dad turns on the shower three rooms away but manage to sleep through throwing up on yourself? That’s weird. Puzzled, Mom Dear, We need to break up. It’s not you it’s Aaron. … Continue reading

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