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Own Your Music

Sometimes I find myself listening to songs on the radio that I think I shouldn’t. Not for inappropriate content reasons (although maybe I should look into that…) but because I find that when I listen to these songs I have … Continue reading

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You Probably Already Knew This

Here are two things I am probably the last to jump on the bandwagon for, but in case you haven’t either, maybe you want to. Or not, but just in case. 1. If you do a lot of online shopping … Continue reading

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How do you know…

when your 1 year old watches too much TV? Probably when he asked for the ‘mote and then proceeds to select “on demand” and load his show from the DVR. Mom says it was a coincidence, but I don’t know…

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The Best Hotel Ever

Exhibit #1: It has a pool with an ultimately fun (and fast) water slide. It doesn’t look like much, but trust us, it is fast. Exhibit #2: It is pet friendly. Normally we wouldn’t think this is cool. In this … Continue reading

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Introducing… Our blog is now available at Don’t worry, still works. You can update your bookmarks if you want. [Please do!]

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Baby Peanut Turns 4 Months

My smaller baby is getting older and wiser too. She loves: eating her feet, giggling, tummy time, smiling, sharing a room with her brother, chomping everything, and playing with rattle toys She can: roll both ways (but mostly is lazy), … Continue reading

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Cafe Rio, minus the crack

For those of us who live outside of a reasonable driving distance from a Cafe Rio (6 hours is my limit) we have to suffer. We have to suffer the cravings to the creamy tomatillo dressing which we can’t have. … Continue reading

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Swimsuit Sales

Now, let me preface by saying that although I have no experience in retail sales, I have a lot of experience in buying stuff, so I’m pretty much an expert.——————————————————————- Dear Lady “Selling” Swimsuits at Costco, I am pretty sure … Continue reading

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Dear Comcast

Dear Comcast, You called me. You lowered my bill and gave me more channels. You told me how to fix the bad signal (and even offered to have someone come to my house for free to check it out). You … Continue reading

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Things I Don’t Love: Comcast

Look! It’s Friday! And I have things to complain about! Like the suckers we are, when we signed up for comcast a bit over a year ago we signed up under a promo deal. I made sure we weren’t locked … Continue reading

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