How do you know…

when your 1 year old watches too much TV?

Probably when he asked for the ‘mote and then proceeds to select “on demand” and load his show from the DVR. Mom says it was a coincidence, but I don’t know…

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4 Responses to How do you know…

  1. Momma Drama says:

    Oh man…I know exactly how that goes. I blame having a new baby so you can use that excuse too.

  2. Kelsey says:

    Truth: he does watch too much tv. Other Truth: it was a serendipitous accident he got his show to play.

  3. Esther says:

    If both of your tiny children are alive and you are not committed to a mental institution then I think he is watching just the right amount of TV.

  4. k.e.l.l.i.e. says:

    wow. funny and scary at the same time. 😉

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