You Probably Already Knew This

Here are two things I am probably the last to jump on the bandwagon for, but in case you haven’t either, maybe you want to. Or not, but just in case.

1. If you do a lot of online shopping like (because your kids are nearly impossible to take to the store) then you may very well love Ebates. It’s simple: you go to their site, then go to the online store you were going to buy from anyway, and they give you a % back. You know, like 4% at Old Navy, 1-4% at, 3% at iTunes, 7.5% at Snapfish, 3% at Target, etc etc. (When I write all that out I get kind of irritated with myself that I didn’t do this sooner… All the money I could have already had…) Every three months (when you are over $5 in earnings) they send you a check. Easy. Oh, and when you sign up, they give you $5 to start. So easy. Feel free to click here if you want to give me credit for referring you. Shameless, I know.

2. If you have an office job with a lot of free time or search the web a fair amount, then you may like swagbucks. This site gives you points for searching on their search engine. Eventually you get enough points to redeem for prizes, like giftcards and such. Also easy, but takes a lot longer and a bit more work required.

That’s all. I promise to post a real post tomorrow, as if anyone is really reading this far. :)

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One Response to You Probably Already Knew This

  1. hollyhs says:

    seriously, ebates is the greatest! i keep freaking out that i didn't know about it sooner! :)

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