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I’m not one for holiday posts…

But I did carve this sweet pumpkin of my children’s hands. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Too much chips gonna break your bed

Today Aaron had some chips. And when I say some, I mean at least half a bag of sour cream and onion Lays. And then there was the candy. You know, like 10 halloween sized pieces. All within an hour. … Continue reading

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Daily Jeopardy Quiz

Answer: Your two small children holding hands. Question: What is cute at any time other than 2:45am in your bed?

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Must be genetic.

Sorry kid.

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Happy Birthday Harmon!

(and sorry your mother posted about Halloween before your birthday. if you need therapy later I will pay for it.) Harmon turned TWO on the 24th of October. It is hard to believe. Harmon loves: cars, talking non-stop, eating candy, … Continue reading

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The Best Holiday of the Year

(no offense other holidays, I like you too.) It is no secret that I love Halloween. I love it the most. Maybe it’s because I like candy, but mostly it’s because I like costumes and parties. And candy. The love … Continue reading

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