Our site is back up and we’re in California.

A few months ago, I upgraded the server that our website Puerquenos.com is hosted on, and I managed to break the server.  Of course, I didn’t get around to fixing it until now.

Oh yeah, and we stopped traveling around the country and now live in Southern California.

After flying from Dallas to Miami for the annual conference in December for my employer, Diio, we drove down to Austin and spent Christmas at my old friend Joe Edgar’s house (they left on Christmas Eve) and then New Years on South Padre Island.  We were totally rained out, but then went to Houston, where we replaced the toilet and then back to San Antonio where I flew out to California to see about a job at Hart.com.

I thought it sounded like the great opportunity, so we had a marathon drive from Texas to California (stopping only to explore Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico.)

We parked the RV in Anaheim only a couple miles from Disneyland (and my new office), flew back to Utah and U-Hauled our stuff from storage and rented a house in the Orange Hills.  Most Saturday mornings we go to Newport Beach (1/2 hour away) and I can’t count how many times Kelsey’s taken the kids to Disneyland.

I don’t know if we’ll stay here long term, but for now, we’re enjoying California.  It’s good to be in a house again.

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