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Victory is Pain

My family has a long standing tradition [of gluttony] at the Spaghetti Factory. Since the one in Downtown Seattle (maybe all of them?) has a nice big scale for you to weigh yourself on, it is customary to do so … Continue reading

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[So I asked Aaron’s permission before writing this, just so you know. But he didn’t proofread, maybe he should have thought of that though.] Aaron has a serious problem. When we first started dating he would on a rare occasion … Continue reading

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Let’s face it, I’m a jerk.

Recently one of my sweet cousins posted something on facebook about someone leaving her a mean note on her car. It made her sad, as it should when someone does something mean to you. And all her friends who commented … Continue reading

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Liar Liar Pants on Fire

So, like a week ago I said I was going to post a picture of my ugly hair and fat belly. But I lied. And I am so sure you were just sitting around waiting for it, so I am … Continue reading

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Dear Cheesecake, Stop being so dang good, I am plenty giant without you, and also my abdomen didn’t really have room for you anyway. Oh so sad my giftcard is now empty,Kelsey ———————————- Dear Baby Niña, If you are going … Continue reading

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Harmon has learned how to walk

Two weeks ago (the day after Halloween) Harmon got his toy car taken away from him by a friend at Church. Cade is only 1 week older than Harmon, but he’s been walking for a while. He is also a … Continue reading

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3 1/2 hours to go, and a hair update

And then I am allowed to have my baby. Of course I won’t have it until like 5 weeks from tomorrow, but whatever. A girl can dream can’t she? Remember this really useful diagram of how to sleep when pregnant? … Continue reading

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Due Date Contest Game

I know, I love contest-y games. Especially when they involve blind guessing. Seeing as I am 3 1/2 weeks from my “scientifically calculated” due date, a little over 5 weeks from my ultrasound’s due date and 4 1/2 weeks from … Continue reading

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Dear "Great Clips" Guy,

Dear Guy Who “Fixed” My Hair at Great Clips Yesterday, I am not sure fixed is really the right term. Although you did one thing that I asked, you did not do any of the others. I am pretty sure … Continue reading

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This Fall’s New Look: The A-line Mullet

Or: Maybe I need a babysitter for myselfOr: Why I shouldn’t play with scissors I had good intentions. It turned out ok the last couple of times I tried it. It turns out that it’s not as easy with a … Continue reading

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