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Happy Birthday Harmon

Ok, so he’s just a month, but we’re celebrating anyway. See, he is dancing! Here is first bath day. He is a big fan. And this is how he sleeps. Tomorrow I will update this post with his massive weight … Continue reading

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Just A Few Letters

Dearest Baby of Mine, I don’t understand how you wake up when I yawn, but can stay asleep while the upstairs neighbors drop heavy wooden boxes onto the wooden floor. But I appreciate that quality in you. Love,Mom Dear Upstairs … Continue reading

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Freaks of Strength

Maybe it’s because he’s trying to impress Adri his future wife, or maybe I was pregnant a month longer than I thought, but either way, we have an ultimately strong baby. Here is a short list of his massive strengths … Continue reading

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The Whole Story

I just realized I didn’t write anything about actually having the baby. Instead of telling you an edited family-safe version on here, I decided to just write the whole thing out on the other blog, so that you can choose … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween

Whispering plans about our costumes for next year. He says Halloween is his favorite holiday too. We think this costume is a polar bear? Thinking deeply about candy.

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