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The Build Up. And why the UPS man can live.

Today I went to the dentist for a cleaning and checkup.  The dentist starts out raving: WOW!  Your teeth are so great!  Assistant!  Look at these teeth!  She is 31 and this is her original tooth with no fillings!  Wow! … Continue reading

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Quiz: Are you a Hippie or Pioneer?

To my face my dad calls me a pioneer, but behind my back he calls me a hippie.  I felt like there was probably a clear distinction and I would help you clarify with this quick quiz. Where do you … Continue reading

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Still Alive

I have this beautiful baby who hates sleeping.  I would be surprised by it, except her siblings also hated sleeping (they still kind of do) so at least I can recall that eventually she might think of sleeping in longer … Continue reading

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