Quiz: Are you a Hippie or Pioneer?

To my face my dad calls me a pioneer, but behind my back he calls me a hippie.  I felt like there was probably a clear distinction and I would help you clarify with this quick quiz.

Where do you have babies?
A. At home for fun
B. At the hospital for safety
C. In your wagon because it is freezing outside

What kind of vehicle do you own?
A. A VW bus
B. A Honda Odyessy
C. A wagon

Which is your favorite?
A. Being lazy
B. Exercising for fun
C. Walking and working hard

Favorite Food?
A. Soda & Fries.  And Cookies.
B. Mysterious Green Smoothie & Tofu.  And Kale.
C. Anything you can find.  You’re not picky.

How often do you bathe?
A. I think about showering occasionally
B. Daily.  No exceptions.
C. When we ford rivers.

What do you do in your free time?
A. Sleep.
B. Clean your house
C. Sing around a campfire



Mostly As: Hippie for sure.  You are weird and maybe a little stinky, but that is ok because so am I.  Everyone knows hippies don’t really eat nasty foods like tofu.
Mostly Bs: You are insane and I’m not sure we can be friends anymore.  Seriously.  Exercise and Kale?  Two strikes you’re out.
Mostly Cs: Pioneer.  You are crazy tough and I respect you.  But I am lazy and could never be like you.

(If you got a good mix of As and Bs I think we can still probably be friends because maybe you just like routine but you have a dr. pepper addiction.)

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