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3 Month RVersary

As we sit here in super freezing Tucumcari, NM, I realize that today is the 27th, and that means it has been 3 months since we left exotic Orem, UT.  I thought since I am awful at updating, I would … Continue reading

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Radio Silence

Have you missed us?  We are terribly missable.  Just kidding.  But here is a quick synopsis of why my blogging has been terrible: Weeks 2-3: I wrote a detailed post about week 2 that I will publish after I finish … Continue reading

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Week One

*Warning, there are no pictures in this post.  Eventually I will post pictures, but adjusting to our new life is taking up most of my time.  You can check some pictures on FB, and more on Instagram: @puerquenos. The end.* … Continue reading

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The First (Practice) Trip

We quickly decided we needed to do more than just camp in our driveway.  We needed to try out all the things, so last Saturday we loaded it up with water, bedding, and gas and took off.  That makes it … Continue reading

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First Night In Our RV (in our driveway) (in 85 degree nighttime weather) (with broken AC) (and fireworks)

Alternately titled: Just kill me now. While we were waiting to get our RV (the previous owners were having the windshield replaced) the kids could hardly contain their excitement.  Maybe the grownups too.  In our pre-receiving joy, we promised the … Continue reading

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Buying an RV is hard. Sort of.

Almost 4 weeks ago we decided that we were going to get an RV and live in it.  All around the country.  That part was pretty easy.  Scary, insane, but easy.  Then we started looking.  And looking.  We set a … Continue reading

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Evans Family Exclusive Blog News

For all one of you that may still visit this blog occasionally, we have big news!  No, I am not pregnant, very funny!  (You know you thought it!!!)  We are however purchasing a RV and going to travel around the … Continue reading

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Poor 4th Child… Introducing Baby Mikey!!

I would say that I am the worst mother, but I have seen a few that are worse than me, so I will withhold that title for now.  But I am the worst blogger, and didn’t even update my blog … Continue reading

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January 13th Letter

(Like a Christmas Letter I was going to write and put with our card, but didn’t.)  (Also sorry if you didn’t get a Christmas Card.  I have 3 kids and am pregnant.  I have all the excuses you could possibly … Continue reading

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The lamest blog.

Aaron and I just came to the blog to check on how miserably we were failing at our resolutions and I became aware that I have not posted since February. So pretty much I have to move my own blog … Continue reading

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