The lamest blog.

Aaron and I just came to the blog to check on how miserably we were failing at our resolutions and I became aware that I have not posted since February. So pretty much I have to move my own blog to the dead blogs list.

But wait! I am going to resuscitate it! I would blame being pregnant, but since I was not pregnant between February and June it seems this is not a valid excuse. Anyway, I am not sure anyone still follows this fascinating blog (the death of google reader still stings) but if you do you can look forward to at least one more post this year. Or maybe I will get wild and post twice. Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to The lamest blog.

  1. Demeree says:

    Ha ha ha! Join the dead!!!!

  2. I just read it! Of course, I just wrote my first post in a year (and second in two), so I haven’t been checking other people’s often enough.

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