Friend #2

When I calculated that I have know this friend for over 13 years and that I met her at college…  Well I started to feel quite old.  I mean, I am 31 1/2, so that is getting up there.  Anyway, the best way to describe this friend is like the sun.  She is so vibrant and alive, she just makes anywhere she goes an immediately better and more fun place.  She makes you instantly feel happy just talking to her, and I kid you not when I say there can’t possibly be anyone who doesn’t absolutely adore her.  Recently she was in town visiting her sister and I had the very good fortune of having her come over and have a blast with me and my kids.  I had to laugh, because she had probably 1,000 other people who wanted her attention in the short span of her visit, and when I accused her of being too popular she denied it, but I know that it is true.  She has so many people that absolutely adore her.  You really can’t help but love her.  Her zest for life, her positive upbeat personality, and just how fun she is!  I have so many fond memories of her making me laugh and laugh.  And then laugh some more.  Plus she is a great listener with perfect advice.  There is some sort of timeless wisdom that she has going on that always seems spot on.  On top of that, she is an absolutely amazing artist.  I have yet to see any form of art that she stinks at, but most notably she is an extremely talented sculptor/ceramics artist (she will probably laugh because I don’t know her title, but she gets paid dollars to be an artist!!!), and a talented musician with a gorgeous voice.  Oh!  And seamstress.  Her clothing designing (and repairing!) skills are off the chart.  And at least 20 other artistic type things.

There is just such a quality of goodness about this friend.  She makes me want to be happier, to be kinder, to be more fun, and to enjoy life more, because that’s how she is.  As I write this I feel like there isn’t really a good way to even describe her awesomeness well enough.  So I will just leave it at that.  I am grateful for a friend who loves life and spreads that joy to me and everyone she meets.

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