What About Your Friends?

(Sorry, I have some quality TLC stuck in my head all night long.  Feel free to not listen to that if you hate TLC and good music.)  (P.S. My friends are not low down, and will be around, thanks for asking.)

Last night in my insomnia state my mind wandered to how blessed I am to have a variety of amazing friends.  (As a side note, how on earth does someone super sleep deprived ever suffer from insomnia?  I mean really body, you are super tired, get with the program!)  As I thought about a lot of my different friends over the years I was really really impressed with each of them, with their unique strengths and talents, with their ability to deal with life’s junk, and overall their ability to be real and people that I look up to.  Then I thought that I should really write to each of them and tell them how awesome they are, and how much they have positively impacted my life.  But then I thought about how I should do it on the blog, because then I would have a good record, and it would be fun.  Also it’s my blog so I will do whatever I please.  I won’t try hard to disguise who the friend is, but I will withhold names so they don’t have to be overly embarrassed (in the off chance someone reads this!)  In addition to these forthcoming posts, I will make a point to send a copy to the actual friend it is written about, because, duh, they might need a reminder of their awesomeness.  I should point out that I am not going in any particular order, and I will probably give up this pursuit before I complete all of my friends.  So no offenseies.  (That is a new word.  Totally going in the dictionary next year.)

Without further ramble, here is my first post:

Friend #1
This friend is perhaps my oldest genuine friend (by friendship length, not age) that I am still really friends with.  I have many fond memories of going to play at her house as a child, and because I cannot remember her moving to the area, I assume it must have been pretty young (or also me going senile).  This friend is amazing.  She is so thoughtful, so caring, and so kind.  She is smart and a great mother.  She is really put together, she is always classy and classic, both in behavior and appearance.  This friend is a great listener, and has great advice.  She is sweet and funny, and her laugh and beautiful smile both instantly make me feel happier.  This friend is strong.  She is able to take life’s challenges and handle them with grace and courage.  One thing I love about this friend is our ability to pick up as if we never left off, that things are never strange even when we haven’t seen each other in a long time.  She is also forgiving, especially of the fact that I am such a bad friend who never emails or skypes when she lives so far away.  (Did I mention that I miss her a lot and think about her often?)  She is also generous, which really goes along with her thoughtfulness.  She writes sweet cards, bakes delicious cakes & tasty food, and is a true friend.  I know that if I ever have a problem she will be there for me, that if she says she will do something she will do it (and do it excellently), and that I love her!  I often find myself wishing that she lived closer, but since she currently does not, I resolve to be a better friend and at least email her more!  The end.  Thanks friend, I really do love you.

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