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Feliz Cumpleanos Pamy

(P)Amy just told me it was her birthday, and since I don’t have any photos of her here, this is what you find if you google her name: I kid you not, this dog’s name is Pamy. Check it out. … Continue reading

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Does that alarm have a purpose?

This blog post is really for no one but myself so in several years when I am trying to remember about Ecuador 2007 I will remember this: The building in which we live is mostly filled with offices, and on … Continue reading

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Overjoyed & Super Sad

A couple weeks ago a little girl at the baby/toddler orphanage who is 4 told me and Lorena that a little boy had gone with his parents. And then she proceeded to tell us “but not me, I don’t have … Continue reading

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Why you should own a microwave grill thing

Because they make totally delicious turkeys in 50 minutes. Aaron was quite skeptical, but when that bird came out of the microwave, he was a believer. It was juicy inside and crisp skin. The pumpkin pie turned out good, although … Continue reading

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Feliz Thanksgiving

I can officially post on our blog now. It’s turkey day morning. The big futball game was yesterday afternoon though. Ecuador beat Peru 5-1. Walking around town, and in stores, people were hypnotized by the radio. I think the season … Continue reading

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I saw this really great swinging fruit basket at the tool store the other day and was excited at it’s low price. Turns out the pineapple is lonely and all the other veggies are trying to jump out. In other … Continue reading

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After Shocks

Ok so there weren’t any. Apparently our little 6.8 (it got upgraded) earthquake didn’t even make any national news except in Cuba and India. After a bit when my heart stopped racing and we tried to go to sleep, some … Continue reading

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We just experienced a minor earthquake. We’re ok. The building is still standing. Power’s still on. Preparing a grab bag now in case anything more happens. More info later, though there’s nothing to report now. Love you all. more info: … Continue reading

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Finally Settled

Well, it’s official, we’re staying in the apartment. We went to the house and it is almost done and blah blah long story short it’s a better choice just to stay here. We are happy to finally be set on … Continue reading

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Its true, we were just meant for two blankets

That is what my dear husband said to me the other morning after he had spent another night without any blankets at all. I was pretty sad because I thought shouldn’t married couples share a blanket??? Then I remembered that … Continue reading

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