Its true, we were just meant for two blankets

That is what my dear husband said to me the other morning after he had spent another night without any blankets at all. I was pretty sad because I thought shouldn’t married couples share a blanket??? Then I remembered that someone told me the secret to success in a marriage is seperate bedrooms, and I felt better.

On Thursday we went to help move a load of dirt from outside OSSO’s new orphanage to inside for the plants. The dark clouds and lightning in the distance should have formed some sort of warning, but the group of 8 of us found shovels and three wheelbarrows and got to work. Within a minute of moving the first wheelbarrow it started to rain, and within 5 minutes it was torrential downpour. This of course only made us work faster, and turned our awesome dirt into awesome mud. Ishy proclaimed “This is the best experience of my life! We can get dirty, we can roll in the mud, and we can serve!” Way to see the bright side little man, as we were all pretty much soaked and freezing, and eventually gave up because the wheelbarrows were impossible to move across the new mud field. We then all got a nice soak with the hose as the thunder and lightning got closer and closer. Anna Maria brought us something warm to drink and then we all went home.

The other day I found a mighty large cucaracha crawing across the floor and made Aaron kill it. He exclaimed “We’re moving!” Adding another vote along with my mother (“Get the house, big momma’s coming to stay!”) for our house. Speaking of, we went to see it on Thursday and were sad because the workers don’t think working is a good idea so it still is progressing slowly. The landlords told me they were going to the shop (again) to complain, and I asked them to call if they had any news. We decided that if it is not done by next week (Thursday, latest Friday) we will just stay in the apartment until April. Well yesterday Landlord’s daughter calls and reports the workers are there working (ON A HOLIDAY?!?!) and the house should be ready in time. We continue to hold our breath and cross our fingers.

Wednesday through Sunday are the fiestas of Cuenca, and being a block off the main square we have been lucky to see lots of ultra-dangerous fireworks (from the safety of our window) and globos which are little hot air balloons made out of tissues paper that they launch into the sky. They seem to have problems and often light on fire and don’t go up, or get stuck on buildings or trees or whatever is in the way. Maybe some pictures will come later. What is really great about Ecuador is that they have little to no concern for the safety of buildings or people when using fireworks. I was thinking of the Medina Days firework show where they make you keep your boat one million yards away from the firework barge. Not here, you can walk up and touch the burning fireworks should you choose. And if you don’t choose probably one will fall right on you from the sky, either that or a burning globo of death. Isn’t Ecuador great? Good thing I have insurance now.

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