In a Land Without Pumpkins…

This would be el Puerqueño and La Reina de Los Puerqueños
(Inspired by puerqueños and all the Queen competitions here)
(That is a giant fork that the Puerqueño is holding)
(It is also worth mentioning that after 3 hours of hair doing, half a giant aerosol can of hair spray, and a pound of blue eye shadow, my hair is already going limp, and you can hardly see the eye shadow. But the mascara won’t come off my eyes for a week or so.)
Ishy was torn between crazy calabaza head and ugly teeth guy. Turns out when we got to the mall where the party was he was embarassed and wore neither.

I think he made a better looking Reina than me, I was kind of jealous.

We went to the big newer mall where they had a kids costume contest, which was judged by who could dance the best. Although the skeleton had some good moves, dracula who looked all of 4 had better moves and won a cell phone. We also went through the “Casa de Sustos” a surprisingly well done haunted house. Pitch black the entire time except the occasional flash light from one of the 20 “monsters” that lined the 30 yard maze and things hanging down in your face and even guys in english yelling “I’m going to eat you”. The best part was that I couldn’t see so I had my hands out in front and kept hitting the monsters in the face with my hands. Sammy and I went through together and she made me go first which turned out to be a mistake because they grabbed her from behind anyway. My crown got all tangled in my hair and I was unable to recover my beauty, thus making me forego my desires of becoming La Reina del Mundo.
On another random side note, I was walking in town this morning around 8 and saw this guy in the park who had no legs, and only thumbs on his hands. He was feeding the pigeons and laughing and smiling, and I thought man, I am never allowed to be unhappy again.
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