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Snickerdoodle Mug Cookie. You’re welcome.

This post is only for people who like really really tasty things.  If you don’t, then you won’t like this. Lately I have been making a lot of desserts in the microwave due to lack of oven.  Most recently I … Continue reading

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Stupid Things To Do To Yourself

A few nights ago it was 10:30 and I needed some food.  I decided that I wanted an egg, but was really lazy.  Then I remembered I had half an avocado in the fridge.  Obviously I should cut up the … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s just us.

You might remember this fine car driving into our house.  That didn’t exactly happen today, but still too close for comfort. Aaron, Sammy, and I were in the kitchen at the back of the house while Harmon was napping in … Continue reading

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My Name’s Not Harmon

Sometimes I wonder why I bothered naming my children at all.  Almost a month ago Sammy declared that her name was “Gracie” after a cat in a Berenstain Bears book.  Prior to this she often spoke in third person, saying … Continue reading

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Lots of Randoms for Jessica

Today my cousin Jessica chastised me for my lack of posting. In the past she has also told me that our grandfather who is 80+ works 4 days a week, so I should at least be managing two posts a … Continue reading

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Holey Moley!

A couple weeks ago I was working downstairs while Kelsey was cooking a delicious dinner. Suddenly I heard a rumbling thump. I knew immediately what it was but I was paralyzed with a knot in my stomach. Sammy was falling … Continue reading

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“Helpful” Old Ladies

These ladies are in every country. Mostly here they tell me to dress my children more warmly, which I have decided is largely cultural as the temperature never drops below 55 in the daytime, so 60 is cold, and I … Continue reading

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It Only Takes a Week. Or so.

This has been the worst week we have spent in Ecuador so far. Mostly due to my extreme levels of stress (and work) but not great nonetheless. On Monday we went to the Visa office. When you arrive in Ecuador … Continue reading

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