Maybe it’s just us.

You might remember this fine car driving into our house.  That didn’t exactly happen today, but still too close for comfort.

Aaron, Sammy, and I were in the kitchen at the back of the house while Harmon was napping in his room at the front.  Suddenly we heard a terrible crash and a squealing of tires out front.  I ran out to the balcony and was horrified to see a motorcycle on the ground in the road and a lady on the ground behind it, and a few others gathered around.  Aaron was now out on the balcony and I ran to find phone, blanket, and towel.  When I got downstairs Aaron threw me a bottle of water too.

When I got out to the road the water and towel were quickly put to use.  The good news was that there was almost no blood.  The lady on the ground had been rolled over and the only cut was on the palm of her hand and didn’t look too serious.  However her legs were bent into not so nice positions, so I would imagine she will be leaving the hospital in a cast.  Additionally, I only saw one helmet, so I am assuming the man driving was wearing it and not her.  He was sitting on the sidewalk trying not to freak out and holding his leg.  Another lady put the towel under the head of the lady on the ground and tried to get her to be as calm and still as possible.  Meanwhile a traffic motorcycle cop had arrived and an ambulance was on the way.

After a few minutes it was determined that this motorcycle had been hit by a white car that quickly sped away, hence the squealing tires after the crash noise.  More police showed up, the ambulance, and lots of bystanders.  The poor lady gets put onto a stretcher and put into the ambulance, and after getting his leg checked out, the motorcycle driver decides to go in the car with his friend.  At this point I am just standing by my gate, in case they need somewhere to park the motorcycle for the night/week/whatever.  Sure enough the crowd of my neighbors surrounding the driver and police men turn around one by one to look at me and I know that is what they are thinking too.  I open our gate and garage and guess what?  Now we have a free motorcycle!

Poor people.  I hate car accidents, and especially ones where people end up on the street.  But come on, what is it with accidents in front of our houses with white cars?  Watch out all future neighbors, we are bringing white car crashes to a neighborhood near you…

[Update: The motorcycle driver came with a group of friends to our house last night to reclaim his bike.  He said he was ok, just a few strained ligaments in his foot, and that his lady was going to be just fine, no breaks!  We were surprised that she didn’t have any broken bones, but very very glad.]

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2 Responses to Maybe it’s just us.

  1. aaron says:

    I still don’t think Kelsey will let me drive it.

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