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2-Year-Old Honesty

Harmon is 100% honest.  This doesn’t always work out to his benefit. Kelsey: Harmon, why is Sammy crying? Harmon: I bite her nose.

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How Not To Be Safe

It snowed yesterday and last night, and this morning there was still a couple of inches on the ground at our house.  Aaron went out to clear off his truck to drive to work when he found my passenger door … Continue reading

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If I Ran The Zoo…

(a great book by the way) Today I decided to take the kids to the zoo.  It was sunny and we have a season pass, so why not put on 100 layers to stay warm and go for a while.  We … Continue reading

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The Dumbest Commuter Ever

(Or, My Most Successful Instance Of Not Freaking Out And Keeping My Children Safe) This morning we decided that we would accompany Aaron to work in Seattle on the train.  This being his second day on the job, and yesterday … Continue reading

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A little too honest.

I probably shouldn’t show you this, but… I realized that with my small child trapped in the high chair I could clean up yesterday & today’s mess under her eating area that I had left to dry out. Before I … Continue reading

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Maybe It’s Wrong…

To let your kids eat raw cookie dough at 9:30am To let your two-year-old jump on your bed naked To let your one-year-old dance on the kitchen table To leave your sharpie on the couch unattended But chances are no one will … Continue reading

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